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3/24/24 Thought Of a Tired Brain

Updated: Mar 24

In observing those around me, I can't help but notice a pervasive sense of sorrow. Many seem to be caught in a perpetual cycle of tears, their emotions oscillating between expressions of love and desires to erase those very sentiments. It's as if they seek to assign blame for unmet expectations they deemed rightfully theirs. Frankly, their constant lamenting not only grates on my nerves but also perplexes me, particularly when they purport to comprehend the essence of love.

For me, love transcends the constraints of time. It encompasses not only the affection directed towards an individual but also the profound connection to their essence. It's about cherishing the shared experiences, the wisdom gained, and the very idea of that person. The realization that physical separation is a temporary circumstance doesn't signal the demise of love; rather, it prompts one to envision a reunion beyond the bounds of this transient existence.

Instead of succumbing to despair at the prospect of being apart from their beloved in this life, one must choose to orient their actions towards the prospect of an eternal reunion. Each decision becomes imbued with the intention of drawing closer to that eventual embrace. Far from being burdensome, every passing day is viewed as a step forward, bringing them nearer to the long-awaited rendezvous.

Moreover, amidst the solitude, solace is found in nostalgia. Memories serve as a balm for the ache of separation, ensuring that one never truly feels alone. How can despondency take root when the mere act of closing one's eyes conjures the presence of the loved one? Each day spent is a step closer to that fateful destiny. To me, this doesn't constitute a loss. Or maybe I am just sleepy... and hungry.

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