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3/19/24 Embracing The Memories.

It’s 5:30am and I am lost in memories. As I find myself wrapped in the quiet of the night, memories come flooding in, each one a precious gem from days long gone. I cherish these moments, relishing in the joy of revisiting scenes that have shaped my life. It’s like dancing with old friends – familiar, comforting, and filled with love.

One memory, in particular, stands out – a conversation that sparked a journey of apotheosis within me. As I stare at the ceiling a seemingly useless conversation, that I once had with her comes, to mind. Those early talks were like music to my ears, guiding me towards a deeper understanding of myself. As I lie here tonight, I’m filled with gratitude for the role these memories have played in filling my days. I am never alone.

Amidst all this reflection, I can’t help but marvel at how much I love these memories. They’re not just snapshots of the past; they’re vibrant, living pieces of my history. In my mind, I twirl and sway with them, celebrating their beauty and letting them wrap me in warmth.

Yes, memories can blur the lines between what’s real and what’s imagined, but for me, that only adds to their magic. For me these illusions are realer than reality itself. More vivid, more vibrant, warmer and full of emotions. As I lose myself in their embrace, I’m reminded of the richness of life – the highs, the lows, and everything in between. They’re like stars in the night sky, guiding me forward with their timeless wisdom.

So here I am, surrounded by echoes of the past, embracing the beauty of living in these memories. I dance with them, revel in them, and let them fill me with a sense of wonder. Because at the end of the day, memories are always going to be there. But what affect would i let them have upon me is my choice. So i have decided it to both; make me and sometimes ruin me.

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