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3/8/24 Contemplation of Goodbyes

Last night, I found myself pondering the significance of goodbyes. Is it truly necessary for two individuals to bid farewell for their stories to conclude? If so, does the absence of a goodbye imply that the tale remains unfinished? Closure seems to be a prerequisite for each chapter to end; without it, I am reluctant to acknowledge the chapter as ended. Somewhere, somehow, it will persist from where it left off. Whether it unfolds unexpectedly or follows a predetermined path, I cannot say for certain. Nevertheless, it will persist until a fitting conclusion is reached, echoing through eternity. And what emotions will accompany that moment? “The heart will beat in the jugular notch” or “the eyes would refuse to look at one another for long”? Whatever the outcome, I await it with earnest anticipation.

وہ مِلے تو یہ پوچھنا ہے مُجھے

اب بھی ہُوں میں تیری امان میں کیا؟

یوں جو تکتا ہے آسمان کو تو

کوئی رہتا ہے آسمان میں کیا؟

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